Aluminum alloy Die casting is used more and more in cars

Everyone in the aluminum die-casting industry knows that Audi has used aluminum die-cast parts for cars 25 years ago. In addition, we have become an active customer in the pursuit of aluminum applications. In the next five years, we will see more and more popular mass-market vehicles using all-aluminum cars.
Auto parts manufacturers will eventually adopt aluminum products on a large scale to meet these requirements. Aluminum applications can be used for ultra-high fuel economy and light powertrains, as long as they do not sacrifice internal space and vehicle performance.
The aluminum auto parts industry is increasing production to meet growing demand.
In fact, the economics of gasoline does not mean that only car manufacturers will use more aluminum products. The second major factor is the corrosion resistance and strong impact resistance of aluminum products.
The absorbable impact energy of aluminum is twice that of steel.

Some high-strength steel products are difficult to repair. Other demand for aluminum metal in the auto parts industry is expected to grow. The price of aluminum is high, but he has the upper hand in the future than high-strength steel.

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