Assembly technical requirements for machining mechanical parts

1. Sealing packing or sealant is allowed when assembling the hydraulic system, but should be prevented from entering the system.
2. The parts and components that enter the assembly (including purchased parts and external parts) must have the certificate of the inspection department to be assembled.
3. Parts must be cleaned and cleaned before assembly, without burrs, flash, scale, rust, chips, oil, colorants and dust.
4. When the tapered pin is assembled, the hole should be inspected for coloring. The contact rate should not be less than 60% of the length of the fitting and should be evenly distributed.
5. Before assembly, the main matching dimensions of the parts and components, especially the interference fit size and related accuracy, should be reviewed.
6. Parts are not allowed to be scratched, bumped, scratched or rusted during assembly.
7. The number of tooth surfaces that the spline assembly contacts at the same time is not less than 2/3, and the contact rate is not less than 50% in the length and height direction of the key teeth.
8. All pipes before assembly should be removed from the pipe end, burrs and chamfered. Use compressed air or other methods to clear the debris and rust attached to the inner wall of the pipe.
9. After the sliding flat key (or spline) is assembled, the phase accessories move freely and there should be no unevenness.
10. Before assembly, all steel pipes (including pre-formed pipes) must be degreased, pickled, neutralized, washed and rust-proofed.

11. When assembling, tighten the pipe clamps, supports, flanges and joints with screw joints to prevent loosening.

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