CNC machine tools

Machine tools are machines for cutting metals. The most important of machine tools used in industry are lathes. drilling machines and milling machines. Other kinds of metalworking machines are not so widely used in machining metals as these three.

The lathe is commonly called the father of the entire machine tool family. For Turning operations, the lathe uses a single-point cutting tool, which removes metal as it travels the revolving work-piece. Turning operations are required to make many different cylindrical such as axes, gear blanks, pulleys, and threaded shafts. Boring operations are performed to enlarge, finish, and accurately locate holes.

Drilling is performed with a rotating tool called a drill. Most drilling in metal is done with 2 twist drill. The machine used for drilling is called a drill press. Operations, such as reaming and tapping, are also classified as drilling. Reaming consists of removing a small amount of metal from a hole already drilled.

Tapping is the process of cutting a thread inside a hole so that a cap screw or bolt may be threaded into it.

Milling removes metal with a revolving, multiple cutting edge tools called milling cut Milling cutters are made in many styles and sizes. Some have as few as two cutting edges others have 30 or more. Milling can produce flat, angled surfaces, grooves, slots, gear teeth, other profiles, depending on the shape of the cutters being used.

Shaping and planing produce flat surfaces with a single-point cutting tool. In shaping,the cutting tool on a shaper reciprocates or moves back and forth while the work is fed automatic! towards the tool. In planning, the work-piece is attached to a worktable that reciprocates cutting tools. The cutting tool is automatically fed into the work-piece a small amount stroke.

Griding makes use of abstract particles to do the cutting. Griding operations may b: classified as precision or non-precision, depending on the purpose. Precision grinding is concerned with griding to close tolerances and a very smooth finish. Non-precision grinding involves the removal of metal where accuracy is not important.

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