What are the requirements of the casting factory?

Gravity casting factory is also called metal mold casting method. The forming principle is to supplement the solidification shrinkage by the gravity of the riser. This gravity casting mold can be reused and can also be called permanent mold casting.
The Die casting method of the metal casting factory can use the air pressure gas (air-cooled type) or the mixed mist of the air pressure gas and water (water-cooled type) to cool the mold and the casting body. The castings of the metal mold casting method need to be reserved for the processing size, which is because the castings are deformed after heat treatment. The degassing operation of aluminum water in the process of metal mold casting is very important, otherwise the castings are prone to pinholes after surface processing. The metal mold casting method is more suitable for a small variety of order production process. Many aluminum alloy products are manufactured using the gravity casting process.

In the casting factory manufacturing industry, it is particularly popular about environmentally friendly production. Through the study of steel castings, they have applied the most advanced scientific and technological skills to reach a new height in the environmentally friendly green production of steel castings.

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