The importance of China's foundry industry

China's foundry industry has always been an important, basic and irreplaceable industry in the national economy, with the advantages of relatively low cost and wide process adaptability. China is a big casting country. No matter the annual output of castings, the number of employees and enterprises has ranked first in the world. With the strengthening of the trend of economic globalization, the market economy continues to develop, and the demand for and dependence on various standards related to casting-related processes, production, and management is increasing. In China, there are still many problems to be solved in order to form large-scale production of aluminum alloy castings and meet the requirements of lightweight vehicles:
First, automotive requirements for aluminum castings are moving toward thin walls, complex shapes, high strength, and high quality. To meet this requirement, the casting process should be further optimized and new alloy materials developed.
Second, production costs should be reduced from a design and process perspective, such as the use of multiple-piece technology and automation to increase productivity, extend tool life, and reduce the number of parts with an integrated design.
Third, the use of computer simulation technology to shorten the development cycle of the process plan.
Fourth, increase the recovery of aluminum. Recycled aluminum is the main raw material for aluminum casting. China should pay attention to the utilization of recycled aluminum resources while developing the foundry industry, develop technology for efficient separation of aluminum from waste materials of composite materials and dissimilar materials, and establish a wide-scale waste recycling system.

Casting aluminum parts are preferred to use sand casting, the main reason is that sand casting has lower cost, simple production process and shorter production cycle than other casting methods. After being heated by artificial heating, it is turned into an aluminum alloy liquid or molten state, and then the aluminum liquid or the molten aluminum alloy is poured into the cavity through a professional mold or a corresponding process, and is taken out after being cooled and formed. The commonly used methods for casting aluminum parts are: sand casting, Die casting, low pressure casting, precision casting, permanent mold, lost foam casting, and the like. Cast aluminum parts will be widely used in aerospace, aerospace, automotive, machinery and other industries due to their excellent density, high specific strength and corrosion resistance. Praised by customers. Especially in the automotive industry, in order to reduce fuel consumption and improve energy efficiency, the replacement of steel and aluminum castings with aluminum and nickel alloy castings is a long-term development trend. It focuses on solving pollution-free, high-efficiency, easy-to-use refining technology, metamorphism technology, grain refining technology and rapid pre-furnace detection technology. In order to further improve the material properties and maximize the potential of materials, high-quality aluminum alloy materials can be developed, especially aluminum castings can meet the performance requirements of different working conditions; strengthen the research of aluminum alloy smelting process, continue aluminum alloy die-casting and extrusion casting process And the development and research of related technologies, perfecting the development and research of aluminum alloy smelting equipment and related technologies and processes. Our company has rich experience in the foundry industry and has a history of casting for more than 70 years. The cast aluminum parts we produce are low in casting cost, good in processability, and remelted and regenerated to save resources and energy.

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