Effect of the structure of die-casting mold on the quality of die-casting parts

Effect of Die casting Structure on Casting Quality
Die-casting molds are important process equipment in die-casting production, which plays an important role in the smooth production and quality of production. Its important functions are:
1. Determine the shape and size of the casting tolerance level.
2. The gating system (especially the gate location) determines the filling state of the molten metal.
3. The overflow exhaust system affects the discharge conditions of the molten metal slag.
4. Control and adjust the heat balance of the Die casting process.
5. It determines the surface quality and degree of deformation of the casting.
6. The strength of the mold limits the maximum injection specific pressure.
7. Affect business and production efficiency.

Usually the mold design will pay attention to the shape and dimensional accuracy of the casting, but often ignore the strength of the mold and casting system.

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