Introduction of magnesium alloy Die castings

Magnesium alloy Die casting generally requires a slow deformation speed. For thin-walled parts, it is difficult to maintain the magnesium alloy in a high plastic heat state during the forming process due to the strong heat dissipation effect of the mold. For magnesium with a tightly packed hexagonal crystal structure, work hardening is not closely related to the degree of deformation and speed. Even if the degree of deformation and speed are large, work hardening does not change much. The thermal energy converted by the deformation energy during plastic deformation may cause the temperature of the material to rise. The degree of temperature rise is related to the material's heat release rate, specific heat capacity, and heat dissipation. Since magnesium has a large heat release rate and a small specific heat capacity, if the deformation speed is increased during the deformation process, particularly impact deformation, it is basically equivalent to the adiabatic process. The temperature of magnesium is significantly increased, generally 200-300 ° C. Under normal conditions, the thermal release rate of magnesium alloy is 0.8. If the deformation speed and deformation amount are large, the heat insulation performance is good, and the temperature rise may cause the magnesium alloy to be softened. Therefore, it is possible to make full use of the magnesium alloy phenomenon, adopt a high-speed three-dimensional stress state, establish a viscoplastic state, and significantly improve the plastic working ability of the magnesium alloy. If the structure of the alloy is fine, it is theoretically possible to use auxiliary processes such as cold extrusion and de-heating. Magnesium alloy parts were successfully fabricated by cold stamping process using alloys with good stamping properties and special Sheet metal manufacturing processes.

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