Process characteristics during casting of large castings

The choice of position for casting of large castings has a great influence on casting quality, modeling method, sand box size, cast iron plate, machining allowance of casting workshop and cast iron platform. Therefore, when selecting the casting position, the quality of the casting should be guaranteed. Generally, the following principles should be noted:
The casting processing plant places a thin-walled portion having a large area on the lower portion of the mold while making the thin wall stand up or tilted as much as possible, which is advantageous for metal filling. Due to the long core and insufficient rigidity, under the action of the buoyancy of the molten metal, the core has a bending deformation as shown by the broken line. If it is changed to vertical pouring, the above-mentioned adverse conditions can be avoided. It places a large-area thin-walled part of a large casting under the casting, so that this part can be filled with a mold under a high molten metal pressure to prevent under-filling. For some castings that require shrinkage, the thicker section should be placed on the top or side of the mold.

The level of lost foam casting equipment in domestic casting processing plants can basically meet the needs of production, but the providers have different understandings of lost foam casting technology and production technology. When we introduce the lost foam casting process, we should conduct a comprehensive evaluation of suppliers.

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