Method for preventing wrinkling of stamping parts

The method to prevent wrinkling is to ensure that the metal stamping parts can press the material during the stretching process to ensure a reasonable sheet flow speed. When the stamping part is stretched too fast, the sheet material may be wrinkled; on the other hand, if the sheet material flows too slowly, the stamping part may be cracked.

(1) Reasonable use of drawbeads
The provision of the drawbead on the pressing surface is an effective and used method for adjusting the deformation resistance. The drawbead can adjust the flow of the material well, so that the material flow resistance of each part during the stretching process is uniform, and the amount of the material flowing into the cavity is suitable for the needs of the workpiece, preventing more wrinkles and less cracking. The phenomenon. For curved joints with complex shapes, especially those with smaller flanges, drawbeads should be provided to increase the tensile tensile stress of the stretch to control wrinkling; the position of the drawbeads is radially pulled. On the part where the stress is small, that is, the part where the sheet is easy to flow. For parts with small flanges, in order to set the drawbeads, some materials (process supplements) can be added as appropriate, and this part is removed when trimming. For drawn members with large differences in stretching depth, the drawbeads should be placed at a location where there is less feed, so that too much material can be organized in the cavity to prevent wrinkles.

(2) Using a reasonable press device

When the pressing device is used, the pressing device presses the deformed portion of the blank tightly and acts on the pressing force to prevent the flange portion from arching and causing wrinkles. The amount of pressing force should be appropriate. The pressing device is divided into two types: elastic pressing material and rigid pressing material. The elastic device is suitable for shallow drawing and the rigid device is suitable for deep drawing.

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