Mold management for precision casting

Precision casting enterprises should conduct a comprehensive review on the production management of casting parts. It is necessary to start from the management of molds (pressing). The material, precision, life and delivery time of the molds are very important for the quality of castings. Precision casting enterprises generally belong to small batches and many varieties of specifications. For example, sewing machine castings include more than 200 kinds of accessories, etc., which are more complex castings. It plays an important role in mold management. Therefore, our cast steel mills mainly manage molds:
The technical department of the foundry is responsible for all the liaison work on the design of the mold and the mold manufacturer. Strengthen the selection, evaluation and confirmation of the mold factory. As far as possible, select professional mold manufacturers with advanced technology and equipment, and strengthen the management of the test work. The quality control department is responsible for the inspection of the new mold, the inspection of the wax mold and the casting, the calculation of the shrinkage rate and the determination of the mold. The production department is responsible for the daily management of the mold, such as: mold registration, daily maintenance, storage, protection, evaluation and handling procedures.
It can be seen that the smooth completion of the mirror surface treatment process of stainless steel castings is also very difficult. In order to achieve a very good effect, it is necessary to eliminate various influencing factors and exert the effect of the process, so that the entire cast steel mill stainless steel castings The quality will also increase.

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