Mold positioning pin design

First, the mold positioning pin design
Generally, the molds are almost the same, but the size is not the same; it is better to have a screw with a head, so that the disassembly is convenient. Generally, when ordering, you can find a standard standard book to order according to the standard.
Second, the standard of mold positioning pin
Mold positioning pin is a standard part
Cylindrical pin: GB/T119.1-2000 GB/T119.2-2000
Internal threaded cylindrical pin: GB/T120.1-2000 GB/T120.2-2000
Tapered pin: GB/T117-2000
Third, the classification of mold positioning pins
Fixed mold positioning pin
2. Replaceable mold positioning pin
3. Cone mold positioning pin
4. Flanged die positioning pin
5. Standard diamond mold positioning pin
Fourth, the use of mold positioning pins
The role of the mold positioning pin is to limit the free movement of the item.
Degree of freedom: When an object is in space, there must be six degrees of freedom, three axial movements of X, Y, and Z, and rotational motion around X, Y, and Z.
In a mold composed of two or more parts, a pin designed to accurately position two adjacent portions of the mold.

In the spindle positioning, 1) mechanical cam mechanism (2) photoelectric plate mode for coarse positioning, then a hydraulic or pneumatic mold positioning pin is inserted into the pin hole or pin groove on the spindle to achieve precise positioning, and the mold positioning after the tool change is completed. When the pin exits, the spindle begins to rotate.

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