Precision stamping parts coating discoloration

The color change of precision stamping parts has a certain relationship with the shape of the structure, the performance of the plating solution, and the speed of movement. For these factors, Xiaobian talks about the solution to the discoloration of the stamping parts.
For the shape of the structure, this is a physical phenomenon, and it is impossible for us to change the shape of the workpiece structure for electroplating. Due to the characteristics of the current, we are also unable to change the distribution of current in different parts of the workpiece during the plating process.
We can ignore this reason.
Regarding the speed of the workpiece, this is better solved. As long as we adjust the speed of the pick-up speed regulator on the plating line to the appropriate speed. In this way, the thickness of the coating is up to standard and evenly distributed, and the plating layer is not easily discolored.

The performance of the bath is a key issue, and it is an important starting point for us to solve the discoloration phenomenon of the workpiece. Therefore, when we choose the plating solution, we must repeatedly test and compare. Because the performance of the bath is converted by a kind of release, that is, the crystallization of metal ions on precision metal stamping parts. The crystal is fine, and the gap between the crystal nucleus and the crystal nucleus is small, so the protection ability of the plating layer is strong, that is, the corrosion resistance and the oxidation resistance are strong, and the plating layer is not easily discolored. On the contrary, the crystal is rough, the gap between the crystal nucleus and the crystal nucleus is large, the protection ability is poor, and the plating layer is easily discolored. In this way, when selecting the plating solution, we should select the crystallized plating solution to plate the workpiece.

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