Relationship between deformation resistance and temperature of aluminum alloy forging

1. The high temperature deformation resistance of various aluminum alloys is quite different. The deformation resistance (also called flow stress) of aluminum alloys varies significantly with the composition. Some low-strength aluminum alloys and medium-strength aluminum alloys, such as 6000 series aluminum alloys, have low deformation resistance at high temperatures, while high-strength aluminum alloys, especially ai-zn. -mg-cu aluminum alloy, such as 7000 series aluminum alloy high temperature deformation resistance, such as wrought aluminum 2a50 aluminum alloy 500 degrees Celsius strength limit 20mpa, and hard aluminum 2a12 aluminum alloy 500 degrees Celsius strength limit 40mpa, the difference between the two, that is The forging deformation load needs to be about 2 times different.
2. The deformation resistance of aluminum alloy is very sensitive to temperature (changing rapidly with increasing or decreasing temperature): as the temperature decreases, its high temperature deformation resistance increases rapidly, faster than carbon steel.
3. Most commonly used deformed aluminum alloys have lower room temperature deformation resistance than carbon steel, but there are three kinds of high temperature deformation resistance: lower than carbon steel, comparable to carbon steel, and higher than carbon steel.

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