What should be paid attention to in the stamping of the terminal mold lead frame

When we want to use the terminal mold for stamping, in order to avoid damage to the stamped workpiece, or can not be used normally, we also need to pay attention to the following matters.
The spacing of the inner guide legs is required to be correct and uniform, and the imprinting process will reduce the interval, so it is necessary to control the imprint depth and suppress the lateral reflex of the guide pins.
The front section of the lead leg in the lead frame requires high flatness, and the flat portion area is at least 0.1 MM or more (greater than three times the diameter of the gold wire), so an embossing process must be used.
The high flatness requirement of the lead frame is favorable for the stability and smoothness of the subsequent project transportation. Corresponding strategy is to suppress the amount of recurve amount and the direction of recursion when punching the guide pin. Also, the lead frame material before the stamping process should be subjected to stress relief engineering.
Deformation requirements such as distortion or offset of the guide pins in the lead frame are minimized, which is advantageous for subsequent operations. The solution should pay attention to the strong pressure design of the pressure plate in the mold, set the most suitable mold gap and action components (punch and master), the knife part should be kept in the best state, and the mold guiding device is high in rigidity.

The positional accuracy of the inner guide pin must be kept correct to facilitate the subsequent adhesion of the project. The corresponding strategy is to punch the inner guide pin and then punch the outer guide pin to correct the design, and design the adjustment station in the press process. To suppress the offset of the lead frame position of the lead frame during the stamping process.

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