What are the requirements for machining?

First, the metal material requirements

If the metal material is machined, then it depends on how hard it is. In many metal materials, stainless steel is the hardest, while cast iron is slightly second. The hardness of copper is under cast iron, while aluminum The hardness is the lowest, so the machined parts should have high hardness requirements, stainless steel should be selected, and the low requirements should be aluminum.

When machining, if the selected materials are not enough, then the processed parts may not meet the requirements of the mechanical equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to know the material requirements when machining. In the case, let's take a look at the material requirements of this machining method.

Second, non-metallic materials requirements

1. Then, it depends on the specific role of the machined parts. If it is used in some high temperature resistant industries, then the material chosen must be a high temperature resistant material, and used in some other industries, then, Then choose the right material according to industry requirements. The above is the relevant content of machining requirements for machining. In simple terms, it has other requirements besides the hardness requirements of the material. The specific requirements must be determined in combination with the situation, otherwise it may be because it has not been reached. The machined parts produced as required are not usable.

2, first of all to understand the hardness requirements, some places the equipment used for the hardness requirements of the parts is the better, but this is generally only the hardness requirements when processing the workpiece, if it is processed materials, then, hardness Generally, it can't be too hard, otherwise it may cause the material to be too hard and affect the normal operation of the machined parts.

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