What are the technical properties of hardware?

In life, hardware has been used in many places. With the development of society, the application of hardware is much more. At present, the output of many hardware products in China ranks first in the world, such as lighters, zippers, wrenches, pliers, etc., all of which have good sales records abroad. At the same time, after years of development, the characteristics of the development of China's hardware industry clusters have gradually emerged. Then the hardware has those properties, the following is listed by He Ju Precision.
Casting performance: refers to the metal or alloy is suitable for casting some process performance, mainly including flow properties, full mold capacity; shrinkage, the ability of the volume to shrink when the casting solidifies; segregation refers to chemical composition unevenness.
Welding performance: refers to the welding of two or more metal materials together by metal or heat and pressure welding. The interface can meet the purpose of use.
Cold bending performance: It means that the metal material can withstand bending without breaking performance at normal temperature. The degree of bending is generally expressed by the ratio of the bending angle α (outer corner) or the diameter d of the core to the material thickness a. The larger a or the smaller the d/a, the better the cold bendability of the material.
Top gas segment performance: refers to the ability of metal materials to withstand forging without breaking.
Forging properties: The ability of metal materials to withstand plastic deformation without cracking during forging.
Chemical properties: Refers to the resistance of a metallic material to chemical or electrochemical reactions when it is rubbed against the surrounding medium.
Stamping performance: The ability of metal materials to withstand stamping deformation without breaking. Pressing at room temperature is called cold stamping. The test method was tested by cupping test.
Corrosion resistance: refers to the ability of metal materials to resist various media erosion.

Antioxidant: refers to the ability of metal materials to resist the production of scale at high temperatures.

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