What are the advantages of nickel plating on precision stampings?

The surface of precision stampings is nickel-plated and has high stability in air. Due to the strong passivation ability of metallic nickel, a very thin passivation film is formed on the surface to resist the corrosion of the atmosphere, alkali and certain acids. The hardness of nickel plating is relatively high, which can improve the wear resistance of the surface of the product.
Electroplated nickel crystals are extremely fine and have excellent polishing properties. The polished nickel coating gives a mirror-like finish and maintains its luster for a long time in the atmosphere. Therefore, the nickel plating layer can be used as a decoration.

Precision metal stamping parts can also be used for other surface treatments: galvanized, gold plated, silver plated, etc. Different coatings have different advantages.

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