Analysis of main objectives of precision casting industry development

Precision casting has always been at the forefront of the world's foundry industry and is a typical representative of high-tech fields. As a precision casting industry, it is necessary to play its own exemplary role. Of course, if you want to really play a role, you must first strengthen yourself. Precision casting should be given priority. The main development goals in the future are as follows:
First, form a research and development and education and training base with a combination of production, study and research with reasonable structure and high overall level, and regularly transport professional talents to enterprises to develop new varieties of high-quality, high-grade casting materials to meet the growing demand for casting materials. At the same time, gradually increase the intensity of technology exports.
Second, the transformation from labor, resource-intensive to technical capital-intensive in the growth mode, from extensive pollution to green intensive, the quality, variety and quantity of products are equivalent to the world advanced level, and the proportion of high-quality materials is rapid. Increased, the production efficiency and economic benefits of the entire precision casting factory increased exponentially; environmental pollution was effectively treated, and the foundry material industry system coordinated with the environment was initially established.
Third, to optimize the industrial structure, the small precision castings factory with low technical level, poor product quality, serious pollution and poor economic efficiency will be phased out, forming a relatively concentrated "small giant" and "star enterprise" to achieve "professionalization, Large-scale production. In particular, one or two companies that can compete with world-renowned companies will emerge. They have high technical level, excellent technology and equipment, strong capital and advanced management. They can continuously provide high-grade and high-quality foundry products to the market. high.

If the precision casting industry can develop according to the above objectives, it can continue to grow and develop. In the future, precision casting will surely play a role as a model and pioneer in the industry.

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