What is stainless steel precision parts processing? What is stainless steel parts?

Stainless steel precision parts processing can be divided into four categories, namely fine cutting, fine welding, fine drilling and surface treatment. In the current skill development and market environment, laser cutting and welding are more widely used. 3C electronics and new energy batteries are the most used areas at that time.

The processing of stainless steel precision parts is to irradiate the high-intensity laser beam onto the working area of the processed product. After the interaction between the laser and the data, the welded area can be quickly formed into a heat source area of a multi-density set. After the heat is allowed to melt the area of the object to be soldered Cooling crystals form a stable solder joint or weld. It is characterized by the absence of electrodes and filling materials and is non-touch soldering.

Stainless steel precision parts processing laser fine cutting is the use of pulsed laser beams collected in the surface of the processed object to form a high-energy density spot, which melts or vaporizes the processed material in an instant. The processing characteristics are fast speed, flat lubrication, and generally no subsequent processing; the heat affected zone is small, and the deformation of the sheet is small: the processing precision is high, the repeatability is good, and the appearance of the data is not damaged.

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