Five factors affecting the quality of stamping products

1 person:
Among the top five, the most influential, quality depends on people's proficiency, cultural background, personality, care, physical strength, vision, emotions, etc. An untrained person will certainly create defective products. (pay attention to rest, training)
2. Material
The quality of incoming materials and the stability of their quality directly affect the quality of the products. As the saying goes: If the garbage is in, the garbage will come out.
3. Machine:
The precision, stability and durability of the machine equipment. If our punching accuracy is poor, then we will have a lot of bad products, appearance and size. The good and bad of the mold will affect the quality. (machine maintenance)
4. Method:
The correctness, consistency and stability of the processing method. (Proposals to improve)
5. Environment:

The storage environment and the good or bad working environment will have an impact on the quality of the products and the mood and morale of the people. Will the messy work environment make good quality? (Do a good job in 5S)

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