What is Steel Forging? Free forging VS Die forging

Forging is a method of applying pressure to a metal blank by using a forging machine to produce a plastic deformation process. By forging, it can eliminate defects such as as-cast looseness caused by metal in the smelting process, optimize the microstructure, and at the same time preserve the intact metal. Streamlines, the mechanical properties of forgings are generally superior to castings of the same material.

Free forging:
Free forgings are not high in precision and simple in shape. Their shape and size are generally guaranteed by the operator using general-purpose tools, mainly for single-piece and small-batch production. For the manufacture of large machine forgings, free forging is still the only effective method. Free forging has high technical requirements for the blacksmith, poor working conditions and low production efficiency.

Die forging:
Die forging refers to a forging method in which a blank is molded by a mold on a special die forging device to obtain a forged piece. The forgings produced by this method are accurate in size, have a small machining allowance, and have a relatively complicated structure and productivity. According to the different classification of equipment used: hammer forging, crank press forging, flat forging machine forging and friction press forging. The most commonly used equipment for hammer forging is steam-air die forging hammer, and Anyang forging has achieved high achievements in the domestic die forging full hydraulic field without anvil hammer and high speed hammer.

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