What are the types of precision stamping stamping dies?

Precision stamping die can be categorized into three broad categories as follows:

Compound mold: Common composite mold structures include composite blanking, composite stretching, etc. This mold structure is slightly different from other engineering mold structures. The punch (also called the male die or the punch) is designed in the lower die, and the other templates are the lower clamp (fixed punch), the lower stop and the lower strip (outer). It is composed of the female mold (or knife edge), the inner stripping plate and the upper backing plate. The inner sleeve is hung on the upper backing plate and then pressed with a rod or a spring.

Engineering mold: Also known as "single-process mold", it refers to a mold that can only complete one stamping process in one stroke of stamping. After the project is finished, it is necessary to take the product out of the mold manually or with a robot, and then put it into the mold of the next station to continue production until the last process of the mold is finished, and the whole product is completed. Mold maintenance is simple, but production takes time and effort, it takes a lot of labor and time costs, and the product scrap rate is high.

Continuous mode: also called "grading die", refers to the mold that completes two or more stamping processes at different stations at the same time during the one stroke of stamping. This kind of mold maintenance is difficult and requires experience. The rich fitter masters operate, but the production efficiency is high, labor and time costs can be saved, and the scrap rate of precision metal stamping parts is low.

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