Characteristics of magnesium alloy thixoforming technology compared with Die casting
1. Magnesium alloy touch molding method: The magnesium chips added to the molding machine ink cartridge are heated to a semi-solid state by a heater fixed to the circumference of the ink cartridge, and the dendrites are solid-phased by a semi-solid alloy which is applied by a screw rotation to apply a shearing force. It becomes spherical, which reduces the viscosity of the semi-solid alloy and improves the fluidity. The magnesium alloy is directly injected into the cavity under high pressure and is not in contact with air.
2, magnesium alloy touch molding features and advantages (compared with Die casting)
Since the magnesium alloy chip material is used, there is no need for a melting furnace, and it is convenient to replace the magnesium alloy molding type.
Due to the high firing speed and high shooting pressure, the surface quality of the product is excellent, the product precision is high, and it can be formed with thin walls. Compared with Die casting, the magnesium alloy soup has a lower temperature and the dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties of the molded parts are better. Since the magnesium alloy is not in contact with air, its operating environment, safety and cleanliness are superior to Die casting.

3, no flame retardant gas (SF6), is an excellent process to protect the global environment

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