What factors will be affected by the casting factory?

Casting processing plant can be manufactured as aluminum die-casting, aluminum die-casting automotive engine pipe fittings, aluminum die-casting engine cylinders, aluminum die-casting gasoline engine cylinder heads, aluminum die-casting valve rocker arms, aluminum die-casting valve bearings, aluminum die-casting power fittings, aluminum die-casting motor end caps , aluminum die-casting shell, aluminum die-casting pump casing, aluminum die-casting construction fittings, aluminum die-casting decorative fittings, aluminum die-casting railing fittings, aluminum die-casting aluminum wheels and other parts.
The shrinkage characteristics of the casting processing factory: the shrinkage of the aluminum casting generally occurs at the thick portion of the root of the flying riser near the inner runner, the thick transition of the wall, and the thin wall with a large plane. Batch of low-pressure castings: The larger the batch, the more economic benefits. Clean out: There is no chemical binder in the molding sand. The foam is harmless to the environment at low temperature, and the recovery rate of the old sand is over 95%. High-precision castings have high precision: The cast iron parts are a new process with no margin and precise molding. The process does not require mold taking, no parting surface, no sand core.

As a result, the casting shop has no flash, burrs and draft angles, and reduces dimensional errors due to core combinations. The low-pressure casting process has the same shortcomings and limitations as other forging processes. Not all castings are suitable for the lost foam process, and detailed analysis is required.

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