Aluminum alloy Die casting instructions

With the rapid development of the automotive, electronics, communications and other industries, driven by the trend of world economic integration, aluminum alloy die-casting production centers are gradually developing towards the Pearl River Delta, labor and resources advantages, Dongguan aluminum die-casting industry is showing rapid development. trend. However, some people do not listen to the word Die casting. What is Die casting?
What are the characteristics of Die casting using aluminum alloy?
Die-casting, die-casting aluminum alloys and die-casting molds are two main elements in die-casting production and are essential.
The die-casting process, through the organic and overall use of these two elements, the appearance, the content is good, and the size is able to stably produce castings to meet the requirements of patterns and protocols.
What is Die casting?
Crimp casting, pouring a molten alloy solution into a press chamber, rapidly filling a mold cavity of a mold of a mold made of steel, and solidifying the alloy solution under pressure is a casting method for forming a casting.
Die casting is distinguished between high pressure and high speed, which is the main feature of other casting methods.
Some characteristics of Die casting
(1) high
(2) High metal utilization rate
(3) High casting strength and surface hardness
(4) The casting has high dimensional accuracy and low surface roughness

(5) A wide range of Die casting, "auto parts, electronics, sports equipment, photographic equipment, fishing gear, electrical appliances, various electrical appliances, etc."

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