How to avoid cracking in aluminum sheet processing

In precision Sheet metal processing, cracking is more likely to occur during aluminum sheet processing, and many Sheet metal processing workers will be confused. After bending the aluminum plate, why is there a crack? If the aluminum plate is bent and oxidized by the anode, the aluminum plate will burst. So how should we process it to prevent the aluminum plate from cracking? How is the aluminum plate processing?
Free cracking
First, let's first look at a few reasons why the aluminum plate is bent and cracked:
First, the hardness of the aluminum plate
The hardness of the aluminum plate has a direct influence on the bending and cracking of the aluminum plate, and the hardness is too high to be the most easily cracked. Then, when processing aluminum sheets, it is necessary to select a batch of high-quality aluminum materials. The quality of aluminum materials is checked according to the trademarks and product conditions of the products. The commonly used aluminum materials are 1 series, 3 series, etc. The 6 series and 7 series need to be annealed before processing, so that the aluminum plate can be bent in the O state.
Second, the texture of the aluminum plate
When bending, it should be bent according to the texture of the aluminum plate, and it should not be bent in parallel. It is best to bend in the straight direction.
Third, the thickness of the aluminum plate
If the thickness of the aluminum plate is too thick, it is not easy to bend, so it is better to choose a thin aluminum plate for processing.
Fourth, the angle of the R angle bend
When the R angle is bent, the larger the angle, the easier it is to bend, so the bending angle R should be too large.
Five, aluminum plate pull
The best machining process should be to bend and then pull, which will reduce the probability of cracking.

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