Basic knowledge of metal stamping

I believe that everyone knows that metal stamping is a process that uses stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other materials to deform or break with punches and molds to achieve a certain shape and size. So what do you need to know about metal stamping?
First, the main measures to reduce manufacturing costs:
1. Improve the rationalization level of the process.
2. Reduce the cost by improving the automation and high-speed level of the stamping process.
3. Improve the mold design level, reduce the process and improve the life of the mold.
4. Reduce costs by increasing the utilization rate of materials.
5. Design the mold for processing each workpiece at the same time.
Second, according to the total deformation properties of the material, the stamping process is divided into two categories:
1. Plastic deformation process: Under the action of external force, the stress of the deformed part exceeds the yield limit of the material, but when the strength limit is not reached, only the plastic deformation table is produced to obtain a certain shape and size.

2. Separation process: Under the action of external force, the stress of the deformed part exceeds the strength limit of the material and the sheet breaks and separates.

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