The outstanding features of CNC lathes

CNC lathe can complete the automatic working cycle of drilling, milling, boring, reaming and reaming. The positioning and repeating positioning accuracy is high, the reliability is good, and it can realize complex and high on discs, plates, shells and molds. The processing of precision parts is suitable for processing various planes, bevels, grooves, holes and other processes of various small and medium-sized parts. It is an ideal processing equipment for machinery, electronics, instruments, instruments, molds, automobiles and other industries.
In the design of CNC lathes, three users are concerned about rigidity, precision and precision retention, ease of operation and maintainability. The outstanding features are:
1. It adopts bed structure, high-strength cast iron material and reasonable reinforcement, and has excellent rigidity. The column adopts a "human" shape structure, which is rigid and stable.
2. The X, Y and Z axes adopt ball screw, which has high motion precision; the X and Y axes adopt linear guide rails, and the running speed is fast; the Z axis adopts sliding guide rails, wear-resistant belts and quenching guide rails, and the joint surface is large and the rigidity is high.
3. The spindle unit adopts the structure of the servo motor to drive the precision high-speed spindle through the synchronous belt.
4, with a complete system of automatic lubrication, cutting fluid circulation.
5. Adopt high-performance CNC system and feed servo drive and servo motor.
CNC lathe heat sink type spindle box design, and equipped with symmetrical ribs, can effectively reduce the spindle temperature rise, increase spindle stability and bearing life, using integral sleeve spindle, imported precision spindle bearings, and spindle servo motor drive To achieve high precision, high rigidity and speed stability. The CNC lathe has good rigidity and is convenient for operation and chip removal.
The CNC lathe has high rigidity and the bed is inclined by 30° or 45°. It adopts cast iron resin sand molding and compact rib structure. It has good rigidity and strong shock resistance. The large carriage and the tool holder are inclined, which makes the operation and chip removal of the machine tool very convenient, and has a small footprint, good pleasing, high rigidity, high precision, high speed linear slide, precision ball screw .
The two-axis rotation of the CNC lathe is directly connected by the servo motor and the precision ball screw through the elastic coupling. The force is good and the positioning accuracy is high. The computer automatic lubrication system is used to forcibly lubricate the linear guide and the ball screw. The X-axis and Z-axis adopt high-rigidity linear slide rails, and the better span is calculated between the track and the track. The numerical control lathe has low resistance, high rigidity and high precision, and the displacement speed can reach 24-30M/min, which improves work efficiency. To shorten the processing time, the hydraulic station adopts Taiwan variable pump, hydraulic motor, solenoid valve and air-cooling device, which has low noise and low oil temperature.
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