Economical automatic CNC machine tool to ensure the quality of processing

The positioning accuracy of the economical automatic CNC machine tool refers to the positional accuracy that can be achieved by the movement of the lathe moving parts under the control of the numerical control system. It is an important precision of the CNC lathe different from the ordinary lathe, and it is geometric accuracy with the lathe. Together, it has an important influence on the cutting accuracy of lathes, especially the pitch error in the pore processing.
A CNC lathe can judge its machining accuracy from the positioning accuracy it can achieve. Therefore, the detection and compensation of the positioning accuracy of the CNC lathe is the necessary way to ensure the processing quality.
The economical automatic CNC machine tool has the error of the reverse dead zone of the drive components (such as servo motor, servo hydraulic motor and stepping motor) and the backlash of each mechanical motion transmission pair due to the feed axis of each coordinate axis. As a result, the coordinate axes form a reverse deviation when they are changed from the forward motion to the reverse motion. The economical automatic CNC machine tool is also called the backlash or the amount of the lost motion. For CNC lathes with semi-closed-loop servo system, the existence of reverse deviation will affect the positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of the lathe, thus affecting the machining accuracy of the product.
When the economical automatic CNC machine tool cuts motion, the reverse deviation will affect the accuracy of the interpolation motion. If the deviation is too large, the circle will not be round enough, and the square is not enough. In the G00 fast positioning motion, the reverse deviation affects The positioning accuracy of the machine tool makes the positional accuracy between the holes in drilling, boring and the like reduced. At the same time, as the equipment's running time increases, the reverse deviation will increase with the gradual increase of the movement clearance caused by wear. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically measure and compensate the reverse deviation of the coordinate axes of the lathe. Economical automatic CNC machine tool sheet metal full protection design, operating system can be moved, fully guarantee the operator's safety and operability.
Economical automatic CNC machine tool base, bed with resin sand, aging treatment, guide rail super audio quenching, excellent wear resistance, fast clamping structure, high work efficiency, domestic two-axis screw, 45° locking thread, The fast and accurate movement and centralized lubrication unit make the machine parts fully lubricated and extend the service life of the equipment. All kinds of economical automatic CNC machine tools are supplied by domestic suppliers to ensure stable and durable performance, with cylindrical surface, conical surface, male and female thread, etc.; function can meet different needs of processing, suitable for instruments and instruments Processing of precision parts such as electronics industry
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