Application of CNC machine tool manipulator in industrial automation

In industrial processing and production, CNC machine tools occupy a large proportion, and CNC lathe robots will have a great development prospect for the production of CNC machine tool clamping robots. At the same time, we can also see that the consumption of CNC machine tools is rising, and the market is still expanding. Especially, the quantity and demand of CNC machine tools after transformation are relatively large, which brings great economical CNC machine tool manipulators. Opportunities, but also how to adapt to a large number of heterogeneous CNC machines.

Due to the continuous advancement of manufacturing enterprise technology, the demand for industrial robots is increasing, so industrial robot technology is also becoming more and more widely used in manufacturing, especially electrical appliance manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, plastic processing, general machinery manufacturing and metal processing. And other industries. Represented by Japan, the United States, Germany, France, and Korea, the robot industry in many countries is becoming more mature and perfect, and the industrial robots produced have become a standard equipment widely used in the world. Complete sets of industrial robot automated production lines have become the mainstream and future development direction of automation equipment.

CNC machine tool manipulator industrial automation field, CNC machine tool manipulator is composed of the fuselage, robot arm, hand claw, air source device and controller, etc., can complete the swinging and telescopic of the boom, the telescopic expansion of the arm, the rotation of the wrist and Grab the material and other actions. Robots generally have 2-6 degrees of freedom, and their flexibility varies according to different degrees of freedom. The action is driven by the cylinder and controlled by the control system. It can accurately deliver the workpiece to the specified position, and the various movement speeds can be adjusted.

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