What are the methods for processing the rust of cnc parts?

General iron products will have rust conditions, this is the basic common sense, many people know, then cnc parts processing or accessories when the bearings, etc. due to inventory conditions or improper rust will be prone to occur In the case of rust, it can hardly be treated by mechanical means. If it is chemically pickled, it will damage the precision of the parts. So what is the way to remove rust? The following small series will tell you about the experience methods I have summarized:
No damage to the workpiece, no change in parts, no corrosion. High-precision parts rework or repair. Due to the improper storage or transportation, the surface of the part is rusted. The Colleen-306 can perfectly remove the rust and ensure the original accuracy.
First, wipe the cleaning process:
1 Wipe repeatedly with a rag, this method is suitable for cleaning and rusting of large equipment or workpieces;
2 After wiping, apply anti-rust oil after drying with hot air or drying naturally.

Second, the soaking cleaning process:
1 Add professional cleaning solution to the tank (recommended plastic or stainless steel tank, which can reduce the penetration of iron ions into the stock solution to reduce the service life);
2 Heat up to 40-50 degrees with an electric heater and keep it at room temperature.
3 soak the metal processing parts into the slot;

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