CNC workshop management

CNC workshop management refers to a series of management tasks for planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and controlling various production and business activities carried out in the CNC workshop.

The main tasks of CNC workshop management are perfect CNC workshop production organization, rationally organize production, and perfect CNC workshop management system.

Characteristics of CNC workshop management

1. CNC workshop management is internal management.

CNC workshop management is a production-centric enterprise management form, which is a unit that performs production tasks within the enterprise. It aims to simply complete the production plan issued by the factory department, and only needs to ensure the implementation of the enterprise goals and plans through specific production activities. There is generally no need for direct economic ties to the outside world. Therefore, CNC workshop management is internal management.

2. CNC workshop management belongs to the middle management.

According to the division of management levels, enterprise management is at the highest level of management, CNC workshop management is at the middle level of management, and team management is at the operation level of management. For top management, CNC workshop management is an executive type; for operations management, CNC workshop management is a command type. The CNC workshop should not only execute the instructions issued by the factory department and provide information for the factory department, but also give instructions to the work sections and teams to coordinate the production activities of the entire CNC workshop.

3. CNC workshop management has a certain independence.

The CNC workshop system is a subsystem of the enterprise system and the parent system of the work section and team system. The CNC workshop is not only closely connected with the enterprise, but also independently managed. After the CNC workshop plan and instructions are issued, the CNC workshop must analyze and master various technical and economic indicators, fully consider the manpower and material conditions required for the CNC workshop production, and organically combine these resources in an effective manner to organize CNC workshop production activity. At the same time, it is necessary to correct deviations in time, improve CNC workshop management, and establish a normal and stable production order based on the information fed back by the work section and team. In this process, the factory director gave the CNC workshop director the necessary decision-making power, appointment and dismissal power, command power, reward and punishment power. Therefore, CNC workshop management has a certain degree of independence.

CNC workshop

Main mission

1. Improve CNC workshop production organization and organize production reasonably.

The central task of the CNC workshop is production, and improving the CNC workshop management level around production is the basic direction of CNC workshop management. To this end, the CNC workshop should establish a sound, unified and powerful production organization under the leadership of the production command system of the factory department. According to the planned tasks issued by the factory, production and work tasks are arranged for each section of the CNC workshop, and balanced production is organized so that people, money, and materials can be effectively operated, and the best economic benefits are obtained.

2. Improve the CNC workshop management system.

Under the premise of implementing the company's various rules and regulations, the CNC workshop should combine its own characteristics and formulate various management systems and various organizations and CNC workshop directors, functional leaders and other internal CNC workshop functional groups, sections, teams, etc. in accordance with the principle of economic responsibility , Work section leaders, team leaders, technicians, workers and other personnel's job responsibilities and work standards. Make sure everything is managed, everyone has a full-time job, work has standards, inspections are based, and CNC workshop management is strengthened.

3. Strengthen labor organizations.

Labor is the most critical factor in the three factors of productivity, and human behavior affects the achievement of goals. When organizing production in the CNC workshop, it is necessary to strive to create a good production environment for employees, study scientific labor organization and operating methods, formulate advanced and reasonable quotas, implement salary rewards based on work, and continuously improve the technical and cultural level of workers It enables workers to work comfortably and skillfully, and continuously improves labor productivity.

4. Strengthen process discipline.

The CNC workshop production process is not only the process of product formation, but also the process of consuming various resources. To produce high-quality, low-consumption products in the CNC workshop, it is necessary to strengthen process discipline, strict technical management, and improve the consumption and quality management system. While ensuring production tasks, strive to reduce production costs, improve product quality, and invest in CNC workshop production The various elements in the process are organized in the most optimized way, the most reasonable and most effective, so as to obtain the highest economic benefits.

5. Enhancing technological innovation and promoting technological progress.

To ensure that the CNC workshop completes the production tasks assigned to the CNC workshop by the enterprise efficiently and with high quality, it is necessary to carry out large-scale technological transformation in a planned manner, transform old equipment with new technologies and new processes, and plan, organize, and control reasonably and effectively The production technical economic activities of the CNC workshop make the products produced by the CNC workshop and the process methods and machinery and equipment used are technologically advanced and economically reasonable. Technically ensure that the CNC workshop improves production efficiency to promote the development of productivity.

6. Manage and use fixed assets well.

Machine equipment is the main means of CNC workshop production. To ensure the completion of production tasks, the CNC workshop must continuously improve the utilization rate and intact rate of equipment, establish a scientific equipment use and maintenance system, supervise the use of equipment, regularly organize equipment repairs and minor repairs, and continuously strengthen equipment and tool management. Prevent equipment and personal accidents, protect workers' health, and achieve high production, stable production, high quality, low consumption and safe production.

7. Strengthen accounting work.

The CNC workshop is the first-level accounting unit within the enterprise. CNC workshop accounting consists of three parts: technical accounting, statistical accounting and economic accounting. Whether an enterprise can obtain good economic benefits depends largely on the production and operation benefits of the CNC workshops, and the production and operation benefits can only be effectively reflected, controlled and supervised through accounting. Only by strengthening the accounting work in the CNC workshop and being aware of it can we put forward practical and feasible improvement measures for all aspects of the CNC workshop, so as to continuously improve the management level of the CNC workshop.

8. Establish a CNC workshop index system.

According to the problems to be solved and the objectives to be achieved in the CNC workshop management, a set of evaluation index systems that can fully reflect the objectives and measure the pros and cons of the program are established. Then, the required values and performance characteristics of these objectives are determined.

9. CNC workshop profit evaluation.

The analysis and evaluation of the CNC workshop management system are evaluated based on the value, that is, the economic benefit, social benefit and the ratio of input to output. The CNC workshop's evaluation of the management system is mainly from the perspective of profit, that is, comprehensive consideration of revenue and expenses. The evaluation is based on the model, and is measured by the size of profit through mathematical analysis.

CNC workshop


1. Making plans

Planning is the primary function of any economic management work; it is the common feature of all modern large-scale production; it is a guide for all tasks; it is an important tool for mobilizing and organizing enterprise employees to complete the products that users need.

The planning function of CNC workshop management is to first formulate the activity objectives and various technical and economic indicators of the entire CNC workshop. It can make each process and every employee have a clear goal of struggle, and can coordinate and coordinate each production link with each other. The financial and material elements are closely combined to form a complete production system.

With a plan, there are directions and goals for action; with a plan, there is a basis for checking work improvement; with a plan, there is a scale for measuring the work results of each unit and each employee.

The CNC workshop does not participate in business activities outside the factory. The basis for the CNC workshop to make plans is the plan issued by the enterprise and the actual resources of the CNC workshop. In addition to formulating production operations and target policies every year, the CNC workshop mainly formulates production operation plans, quality and cost control plans, and equipment maintenance plans on a quarterly, monthly, daily, and hourly basis.

2. Organization and command

Organization and command is an indispensable prerequisite for the execution of other management functions. It is an important part of completing the CNC workshop plan, ensuring production, balancing its development, and making adjustments.

Functions of CNC workshop organization and command: One is to establish and improve management organization and operation organization according to the objectives of the CNC workshop, such as setting of management organization, selection and allocation of management personnel, organization and distribution of labor force, etc. The second is to use the leadership art through organization and system to arrange, schedule, guide, and supervise the work sections, teams, and employees so that their activities can move towards the established goals and maintain coordination in action between them.

CNC workshop


1. The orders of each outsourcing factory must be completed in accordance with the contract plan for quality and quantity.

2. All contract orders are handled by *** and assisted by ***, including the summary of incoming and outgoing CNC workshops at the end of each month.

3. The import and export quantity of all outsourcing products shall be in charge of *** and shall be recorded in time, including the inventory at the end of the month. (The quantity should be accurate and the record should be clear)

4. Who is responsible for the CNC workshop production line including the daily production and quality of ***, as well as the supporting management of pre-treatment. (The pre-treatment should be able to guarantee the quality and quantity to fully meet the needs of the daily production of the assembly line, and avoid the phenomenon of production shutdown and other production)

5. Each person in charge should take the interests of the CNC workshop as the first, and make full use of the maximum space of the equipment of the CNC workshop to save costs, increase output, and improve efficiency for the CNC workshop.

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