Casting method and surface treatment of various Die castings

Die castings and molds
Our sources are high quality aluminum castings, aluminum bronze castings, zinc castings and copper alloy castings as well as a variety of other Die castings. We have the ability to source from a few grams to 90 kilograms of castings.
Gravity Die casting
The smooth and textured production of the gravity Die casting process, it is clear that the dimensions of the metal parts are accurate. This is a good casting process that can be produced on a large scale.
Zinc Die casting
High-precision zinc castings with a large number of net tolerance metal parts are the best products to manufacture. Zinc alloys are the simplest investment to provide high ductility and good impact strength.
Mold casting
The choice of pressure casting process to reduce metal content, weight and cost.
Sand casting
Sand casting is the production of large metal forms. We can make sand balls from iron, copper, brass and aluminum.
investment casting (wax loss method)
We are highly reliable castings that invest in more than 225 alloys in different industries. Our production facilities come from the latest sources of metallurgy, metrology and chemical laboratories.
Hollow castings and thinner parts can also be more easily invested in castings, generally achieving a better surface finish. The loss of wax investment casting provides a "near net shape" that can save a lot of material waste and compact machining dimensional tolerances and advantages.
investment castings allow for the accuracy, repeatability, versatility and complete production flow of metal and high performance alloys. However, as it can produce complex shapes, this process will be difficult or impossible to die-cast, which requires very little, only a slight surface treatment.
Tensile test, hardness test and chemical test of all the above castings.
Applications: Automotive, water pumps, shock absorbers, turbochargers, valves/actuators, power tools, defense, nuclear power, agricultural locomotives, furniture, lighting and general engineering.

Surface treatment - shot peening, mirror polishing, painting, dusting, anodizing, painting and electroplating.

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