Casting plant cooling scheme

To enter the workshop, you must wear long-sleeved pants, sneakers, and a hard hat, otherwise the body will be burnt. "I was told that the reporter was going to the workshop to interview, and the foundry staff reminded the reporter. In a casting factory, what we saw was a hot weather, and the workers sweated and couldn’t care.
The film-making machine in the workshop sprayed water mist and cooling water. The employees next to the equipment wore thick gloves and long shoes. The workers' clothes on the production line were already soaked by hot steam and sweat. The workers told reporters that the air humidity here is above 70%, and the temperature of the cooling water that is flushed out is generally above 50 °C. “The front workshop is mainly for the production and packaging of molds, the temperature is still lower, and the casting factory in the back is called hot,” the staff said.

Dry foundry, doing it is to burn steel and make money; if it is not good, it is to burn money and earn a pile of scrap steel. Affected by policies and extreme environmental impacts, Jianda foundry was popular in the past two years. The annual output of some new foundry mills is more than 20,000 tons. Large investment, large scale and good environment.

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