Characteristics and uses of forged aluminum alloys

The design and manufacture of die forging is the key to aluminum forging technology. The AD/CAM/CAE system for forgings is very mature and popular. In the United States, CAD/CAM/CAE systems are being replaced by CIM (computer integration). CIM includes complete technology, computer technology, CAD/CAM/CAE technology, robots, expert systems, processing plans, control systems, and automated material handling, providing conditions for optimal design and process improvement of die forgings. For example, in the automotive industry, the design and process optimization of the front beam, the horn, the hub, the crankshaft, etc., can reduce the weight of the horns by 15%, the wheel weight by 30%, the crankshaft weight by 20%, and greatly improve the design. Production efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

In the direction of aluminum and aluminum alloy forgings, a large number of new forging processes and new technologies have been developed, such as liquid die forging, semi-solid forging, isothermal forging, powder forging, multi-directional forging, non-slope precision die forging, and division. Die forging, forging and forging, etc., have played a major role in simplifying the process, reducing the process, saving energy, expanding quality, increasing specifications, improving quality and production efficiency, protecting the environment, reducing labor intensity, and improving economic efficiency. The special computer software provides reliable guarantee for controlling the main process parameters such as forging temperature, forging pressure, deformation degree (underpressure) and process lubrication, and controlling the size and internal structure and mechanical properties of the product.

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