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China CNC Machining Service

Deshengrui provides a variety of sophisticated China CNC machining service, including milling service, turning service, grinding service, drilling service, EDM (electric discharge machining) and wire EDM. With our precision three-axis and four-axis CNC machining centers, our skilled mechanics can create prototype parts or mass production according to customer needs, and manufacture customized metal turning and milling parts

What is CNC Machining?

CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process in which various precision cutting tools are used to remove raw materials to make parts or products. Advanced CNC software is used to control the device according to the 3D design. Our team of mechanics sues the CNC program to control the equipment to optimize cutting time, surface finish and final tolerances to meet your specifications.

China CNC Machining service advantage

CNC machining is very suitable for various product development needs. Here are some benefits of precision machining:

Quickly remove large amounts of metal materials

Highly accurate and repeatable

Suitable for many different types of substrates

Great manufacturing flexibility: Since CNC machine tools are controlled by computers, they have great processing flexibility. The NC program can be easily updated, so that the machine can perform more complex machining operations. To achieve scalability from 1 to 100,000

Reduce costs: use CNC machine tools to make the processing process fast and efficient. It also reduces material waste. Because the machine runs automatically, there is no need for multiple operators to monitor the process, thereby reducing labor costs. In addition, updating the CNC program is not expensive.

• Compared with other forming processes, such as stamping, die casting, etc., the machining speed is faster and can achieve a shorter delivery time

Why choose Deshengrui CNC machining Services?

1. From short-term prototypes to mass production, we are your full-service provider

2. We produce precision-manufactured, multi-axis and CNC machined parts for all industries

3. Our services include not only parts production, but also surface treatment and assembly

4. Established a partnership with customers and suppliers to ensure our common success

5. We are constantly striving to achieve the highest efficiency with minimum cost and excellent quality

6. Our professional mechanic team has more than 10 years of experience in the field of machining, and can help customers solve various problems

7. Our rich export experience can better provide customers with comprehensive solutions

Available materials for CNC machining service

Carton Steel 1020/1045

Stainless Steel 303/304/321/16/316L/ 17-4/430/

Aluminum 2027/5052/6060/6061/7075/6082/ 6063

High Strength Steel

High Chrome Steel 4130/4340/4140




Additional Services Provided

Prototype Manufacturing

Research and Development

Product Development/Engineering

Program / Project Management

Special Packaging


Design to Manufacturing Consultation

Available Precision CNC Machining Processes:

Milling/Drilling/Boring/Turning/Threading/Tapping/Thread Milling/Knurling/Broaching/Counterboring/Countersinking/Pocketing/Profiling/Reaming/Parting/Cutting/Facing

Available surface finishes for CNC machining service


Powder Coated


Black oxide


Nickel Plating

Zinc Plating

Deshengrui's China CNC Machining Service Capabilities

Equipment: Machining Center/Vertical Mill/Horizontal Boring Mill/Engine Lathe/Swiss Lathe

Industry Standards: ISO 9001:2008

File Formats Accepted: Pro/Engineer (Pro-E)/SolidWorks/ CATIA/MX/IGES/STEP/ PDF

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