Classification of stamping die

The quality, production efficiency and production cost of stamped parts have a direct impact on mold design and manufacturing. The level of mold design and manufacturing technology is one of the standards for measuring the level of product manufacturing in a country, which determines the quality, efficiency and development ability of new products. There are many types of stamping dies, which can generally be classified according to the nature of the process.

A separate mold is created along a closed or open contour, called a blanking die.

A mold for bending a sheet blank or other blank along a straight line (curved line) to obtain a workpiece of a certain angle and shape, called a bending mold.

A mold for forming a blank blank into an open hollow member or for further changing the shape and size of the hollow member is called a drawing die.

The blank or semi-finished workpiece is directly press-formed according to the shape of the convex and concave molds, and the material itself is only precisely stamped and processed into a partially plastically deformed mold, which is called a forming mold.

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