Classification of the use of hardware accessories

1, hardware accessories classification
(1) Household hardware accessories: nails, screws, hinges, sofa feet, hinges, handles, hanging parts, foot codes, pull baskets, heading machines, turntables, zippers, lifts, springs, gun nails, slides, partitions Pins, sinks, drawers, hanging cabinets, floor cabinets, skirting boards, hangers, faucets, spotlights, steel pumping, cutlery trays, locks, hanging wheels, ground suction, handles, supports, window hooks, floor springs, doors Mirrors, bolts, lock boxes, wind braces, pulleys, door flowers, steel appliances, etc.
(2) Mechanical hardware: fasteners, rolling bearings, belts and chains, lubrication parts, keys and splines, keys and splines, welding equipment, lifting equipment, etc.
(3) Construction hardware: architectural profiles and structural parts, building doors and windows and their hardware accessories, nails and nets, plumbing equipment, fire equipment and automatic fire alarm devices.
(4) Electrical hardware: general-purpose wire and cable, buttons and switches, relay contactors, electromagnetic starters and electromagnets, fuses, circuit breakers and leakage protectors, control transformers and signal lights, AC motors, electrical instruments, etc.
(5) Hardware tools: hand tools, civil tools, plumbing tools, decorative engineering hand tools, electric tools, cutting tools, measuring tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, gardening tools, etc.

2, purchase hardware accessories standard
(1) Flexibility: Regardless of the classification of hardware accessories, they are all flexible, such as slide rails, hanging cabinets, etc. If they are used only slowly, it will affect daily life. .
(2) Aesthetics: Many times hardware accessories are not only practical, they often act as decorations. For example, hanging mirrors, which have various shapes and rich colors, are also a highlight in the living room. Therefore, when purchasing, you should also pay attention to the aesthetics of hardware accessories. Here you should talk about electroplating. Like iron, copper hardware accessories will produce rust and copper rust. These hardware parts are generally electroplated, which not only has good gloss but also prevents rust.

(3) Sealability: Hardware accessories only have good sealing performance, so there is no safety hazard, especially when used in the bathroom.

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