Control of lost foam casting process

Casting plant casting system plays an important role in the lost foam casting process and is a key to the success of casting production. Due to the wide variety of castings and the different shapes, the specific production processes of each casting have their own characteristics and vary widely. These factors directly affect the accuracy of the design results of the gating system.
The lost casting casting operation is taboo, which is easy to cause cold casting defects, that is, the temperature of the molten metal poured first decreases, resulting in a cold separation from the molten metal after pouring. In addition, the lost casting casting system of the casting processing plant mostly uses a closed casting system to maintain the smoothness of the casting. In this regard, the form of the gate cup is closely related to whether the pouring operation is stable. When pouring, the liquid level in the pouring cup should be kept stable, so that the pouring dynamic head is stable.

There is a certain difference between the casting system design of the casting processing plant and the traditional sand casting. In the design of the gating system, the particularity of the process should be taken into account. The cross-sectional dimensions of the various parts of the gating system are related to the size of the casting, the combination of the model clusters and the number of pieces per box.

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