Cutting fluid precautions

1. The cutting fluid should have no irritating odor, no harmful additives to the human body, and ensure the safety of the user.
2. The cutting fluid should ensure the action of anti-rust oil between the workpiece processes and not rust the workpiece. Sulfur-containing cutting fluids should not be used when processing copper alloys. When processing aluminum alloy, the cutting fluid with a neutral pH should be used.
3. The cutting fluid should have a long service life, and the machining center is especially important.
4. The cutting fluid should be low in pollution and have a waste liquid treatment method.
5. The cutting fluid should have excellent lubrication and cleaning performance. The cutting fluid with high PB value and small surface tension was selected, and the effect of the cutting test was good.
6. The cutting fluid should meet the requirements of equipment lubrication and protection management, that is, the cutting fluid should not corrode the metal parts of the machine tool, do not damage the machine seals and paint, and will not leave hard gelatinous deposits on the machine guide rail to ensure the equipment. Safe and working properly.
7. The cutting fluid should be adapted to a variety of processing methods and a variety of workpiece materials.
8. The cutting fluid should be at an appropriate price and convenient to prepare. In summary, when selecting the cutting fluid, the user can first select two or three kinds of cutting fluids with better comprehensive performance according to the specific processing conditions. After the factory trial, the performance is determined to meet the processing requirements of the factory. Affordable cutting fluid

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