Cylindrical locating pin specifications, mechanical parts

First, the definition of cylindrical positioning pin
Pins are generally used for coupling, locking parts or for assembly positioning, and can also be used as parts for safety devices. The cylindrical positioning pin is fixed in the hole by interference to fix the part, transmit power, or act as a positioning member. The cylindrical locating pin is a locating pin that is used to fix the relative position between the parts. It is an important auxiliary part for combined machining and assembly.
Second, the characteristics of the cylindrical positioning pin
The ordinary cylindrical positioning pin hole should be reamed, and the cylindrical positioning pin is fixed in the pin hole by a slight amount of interference. The multiple disassembly and assembly will reduce the interference and reduce the connection stability and positioning accuracy.
Third, the material of the cylindrical positioning pin
Cylindrical positioning pins are currently manufactured using high-quality carbon structural steel as raw materials.
Under normal circumstances, the material is mostly C35, C45, but heat treatment is required. Bearing steel is selected for high strength requirements.
The elastic cylindrical positioning pin uses 65Mn.
Fourth, the specifications of the cylindrical positioning pin
Heavy duty straight slot elastic cylindrical positioning pin: GB/T879.1-2000
Light straight slot elastic cylindrical positioning pin: GB/T879.2-2000
Heavy-duty rolled elastic cylindrical positioning pin: GB/T879.3-2000
Standard type coiled cylindrical positioning pin: GB/T879.4-2000
Lightweight flexible cylindrical positioning pin: GB/T879.5-2000
Rolled elastic cylindrical positioning pin: DIN7343, ISO8750
Toothed elastic cylindrical positioning pin: Z1020
Tapered pin: GB117-1986, GB/T117-2000

Cylindrical positioning pin: GB119-1986, GB/T119.1-2000, GB/T119.2-2000

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