Selection of Die casting Die Structure and Selection of Die casting Machine

Preliminary analysis of mold structure
(1) Select the face of the partition and determine the number of cavities (out of the modulus). The projected area of the Die casting is calculated based on the projected area of the contour of the part on the partition plus the area of the pouring overflow system, and the locking force is calculated accordingly.
(2) Select the inlet position of the inner gate to determine the overall layout of the gating system.
(3) Determine the location of the core pumping and choose a reasonable core pumping plan.
(4) Determine the location of the transmitting components and select a reasonable starting and reset scheme.
(5) For insert castings, the mounting fixture and the method of fixing should be analyzed.
3 choose Die casting machine
After selecting the type of Die casting machine according to the type of alloy, the Die casting machine is selected according to the projected area and quality requirements, and the balance of the production load of the existing equipment must be considered.
(1) Determine the proportion of the Die casting machine, calculate the locking force, estimate the die size, and select the model and specifications of the Die casting machine.
(2) It is estimated that the mold needs to open the mold stroke, thrust, whether it is necessary to start the return stroke and mold hydraulic pumping.
(3) Select the accessories that need to be equipped for the Die casting machine, such as hydraulic sampler, suitable die-casting base, vacuum die-casting system, etc.

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