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Different shapes of lathe tool

Most lathe cutting tools used in industry use some type of cemented carbide as the base material. We need to use different shapes of cutting tools according to different requirements of different products. The high-speed steel single-point cutting tools used in the industry, regardless of the shape of the single-point cutting tool, it must have the correct back angle and front angle to be correct cutting.

The lathe tool in Figure A.

Which is used to turn to the half shoulder. The lathe tool has a square side cutting edge angle, which can directly guide the cutting force backwards, which is opposite to the cutting direction. If there is enough material behind the cutting edge, it can be used for roughing.

lathe tool

The lathe tools in Figure B.

Which is a standard turning tool with a lead angle. The lead angle can be roughed. You can also rotate the lathe tool to complete the half-square shoulder.

lathe tool

The turning tool in Figure C.

Which has a very large nose radius. Larger tip radius can achieve fine finish when cutting lightly or heavily. The lathe toolcan also be used for varying radii to form corner radii.

lathe tool

The nose of the lathe tool in Figure D.

Which is in front of the side cutting edge. At this position, the lathe tool is set to shallow finish on the diameter and end face of the shoulder.

lathe tool

The lathe tool in Figure E.

Which is a form tool. The form that is ground into the lathe tool is reproduced on the part.

lathe tool

The lathe tool in Figure F.

Which is an end tool. The lathe tool can be used to face the end of the workpiece clamped in the semi-center. The center of the half is a solid center of the tailstock, and half of the tip of the blade is worn away for cleaning.

lathe tool

The lathe tool in Figure G.

Which is called an undercut or grooving tool. As shown, it is used to cut grooves. If there is proper clearance, the lathe tool can be inserted or cut into the left or right side.

lathe tool

The lathe tool in Figure H.

Which is a cutting tool or a separating tool. This lathe tool is used to cut the workpiece to the final length when fixing the part in the chuck. The cutting tool uses pre-made blades and knife holders.

lathe tool

The lathe tool in Figure I.

Which is a 60-degree threading tool. The threading tool is another type of form tool.

lathe tool

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