Drawing of blank drawing of die casting
After determining various process parameters, the die casting blank is the main basis for detailed mold design and fixture design; the basis for judging the quality of the slab; reviewing and checking the basis for quality acceptance of the demand side; calculating machining, injection molding, gluing, surface The basis for the cost of die casting and post-processing equipment in subsequent processes such as processing and cold forming. basis.
The main contents indicated in the blank drawing of the drawing are as follows:
(1) The shape, size and precision of die castings.
(2) Specify a surface with a machining allowance and mark it with a special symbol on the drawing.
(3) Blank reference faces and measurement datums that are positioned during machining can be represented by specific symbols.
(4) The number of mosaics and the location and size of the mosaic.
(5) The position of the main parting surface, the position of the slider, the position where the front and rear molds collide, the direction of the moving mold, and the opening of the mold are marked with special symbols.
(6) The position of the push rod position and its top size, pin positioning size and pin diameter.
(7) The position and size of the residual door and overflow trough root.
(8) Additional shapes and dimensions of the die casting process (eg ribs, bosses, corridors, subsidies, etc.).
(9) The shape, size, manufacturer's mark, manufacturer's number and shape, size and position of the die casting.
(10) The value of the mold slope and the direction of its value are not specified (the mold angle is increased by adding or subtracting the material).
(11) Indicates the value of the fillet radius.
(12) The dimensional tolerance class was not noticed.
(13) Acceptance standards for die-casting parts (including the level of remaining material for printing, nozzle waste level, allowable height before batch, surface shrinkage, collapse, porosity, shrinkage, etc., allowable height, requirements) for non-machined surfaces Surface roughness, etc.)
(14) The contents of the special inspection of die castings, such as mechanical properties and air tightness tests.
(15) Types and grades of alloys and their technical standards.
(16) Die casting blank weight or control weight.
(17) The drawing number and name of the product parts.

(18) Customer name or code.

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