Effect of Die casting Machine Performance on Die casting Quality

Effect of Die casting machine performance on casting quality
The Die casting machine is the most basic equipment in Die casting production. This is the condition for providing energy and selecting the optimum process parameters in Die casting production. It is the basis for achieving high pressure and high speed Die casting characteristics and obtaining excellent Die casting. In order to ensure the quality of die-casting parts, avoid the occurrence of casting defects, save energy, improve labor productivity and economic benefits, it is necessary to choose a reasonable type of die-casting machine (hereinafter referred to as: horizontal cold chamber die-casting machine). Of course, proper operation and maintenance to ensure the good performance of the die-casting machine is an extremely important measure in the production of die-casting. Depending on the weight of the casting (including runners, material shanks and overflow tanks), choosing the right Die casting machine type and good performance of the Die casting machine is a reliable guarantee for high quality Die casting.
The main features of the modern die-casting machine injection molding mechanism are three-stage injection molding, namely low-speed gas discharge in the injection chamber, high-speed filling chamber and high-pressure continuous application of liquid alloy, namely: two-stage speed and one-stage pressurization. The structural design of the domestic die-casting machine is basically the final design of the late 1970s and early 1980s. In the past 20 years, the overall performance has not been significantly improved except for the replacement of the relay system by the PLC. The structural principle of the injection molded parts is relatively advanced, but the adjustment of each parameter is manual, it is difficult to implement the Die casting process specification, and the consistency of the casting quality cannot be guaranteed. Sex. The main factor affecting the reliability of the Die casting machine is that the quality of the hydraulic components is not up to standard. Die-casting parts are prone to oil leakage and internal leakage of the hydraulic system, affecting the performance of the die-casting machine. To this end, Wuxi Hongyuan Company has increased its investment in die-casting equipment, and has undergone major renovations for the 250T and 400T die-casting machines. The key components of the machine with imported hydraulic components have improved the reliability of the die-casting machine. Machine maintenance personnel often carry out regular inspections of Die casting machines and can be divided into four categories: daily inspection, weekly inspection, monthly inspection and semi-annual inspection. All kinds of small problems can be discovered and dealt with in time, so that the Die casting machine will never get sick and avoid serious damage to the machine. In the past five years, the company's die-casting machines have not suffered major failures, and the die-casting machines have good performance, which guarantees the production of high-quality die-cast parts.

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