Errors that are prone to machining

Machining error is the degree of deviation between actual geometric parameters (geometry, geometry, and mutual position) and the ideal geometric parameters after machining. The smaller the machining error, the higher the degree of consistency and the higher the machining accuracy. Machining accuracy and machining tolerance are two problems.

Error in machining

1. Positioning error: The positioning error mainly includes reference misalignment error and positioning sub-manufacturing error error.

2. Tool error: Any tool inevitably wears during the cutting process, which causes the size and shape of the workpiece to change.

3. Machine error: including spindle rotation error, rail error and drive chain error. The spindle rotation error refers to the change of the spindle at each moment relative to the actual rotation axis of its average rotation axis, which directly affects the accuracy of the workpiece being machined.

4. Measurement error: When measuring parts during or after machining, the measurement accuracy is directly affected by the measurement method, measurement accuracy, and workpiece and subjective factors.

5. Fixture error: The function of the fixture is to make the workpiece have the correct position corresponding to the tool and the machine tool. Therefore, the geometric error of the fixture has a great influence on the machining error (especially the position error).

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