Factors affecting mining machinery casting

Mining machinery casting is the basic parts industry of the machinery industry and manufacturing industry, which determines the service life and robustness of mechanical equipment and various production equipment. After thousands of years of production practice and experience accumulation, scientific research has made great progress in understanding the micro-theories in depth, constantly improving the problems in the production process of castings, and stably completing the analysis and control of technical parameters. The casting can be perfected to ensure the service life and robustness of the machine. To produce qualified and high-quality castings, it is necessary to understand and study various factors affecting the performance of cast iron. How to improve the purity of molten iron and how to form good graphite morphology and control the fluctuation range of chemical composition are important factors.
The inner flange of the machine tool casting machine casting casting box wall structure should be made on both sides to prevent collapse. For the multi-box shape of the middle box, because there is no box belt, the cross-sectional shape and size of the upper and lower sand box walls cannot be arbitrarily determined. And in order to increase the rigidity of the middle box, the wall of the box should be thickened. For Baoding. The cross-sectional shape and size of the sand box wall is the decisive factor that affects the strength of the sand box and the good strength and rigidity of the sand box, and does not increase the wall stiffness. It depends on the material of the sand box and the inner frame thickness to make the sand box bulky. For higher and larger sand boxes, the size, height and working conditions can be determined. When the appropriate amount is used to reduce the wall thickness of the sand box, the cross-sectional shape commonly used for the sand box wall is made outside the wall of the sand box. The sand box used in the cast steel workshop has reinforcing ribs due to the longitudinal and lateral directions. Usually, the high molten steel temperature is high and the working conditions are bad. Therefore, the large thickness of the sand box should be less than 300 mm, and only the vertical reinforcing ribs can be provided.

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