Features and advantages of semi-solid Die casting process

1. What is semi-solid metal Die casting: Semi-solid Die casting is deformed in the process, rather than liquid metal is semi-solid metal. Semi-solid metal is cut into short rods and pre-heated by long rods. It is used during heating to make the short rods include solid and liquid specific temperature conditions, to ensure the short rods to maintain their shape, and then to be artificially or automatically fed. Due to the influence of stress changes during the stamping process, the viscosity is high and the fluid-liquid mixture has high fluidity. This process is called thixotropic, or semi-solid Die casting. Suitable for aluminum and magnesium alloys.

2. What is the semi-solid Die casting process: Cut the long rod into a short rod, apply the induction heating to the semi-solid temperature, put the short rod into the pressure chamber and press it into the mold, and then take out the finished casting.

3. Process characteristics and advantages

A. Semi-solid alloy temperature technology has a lower temperature than 100 °c than liquid alloy die-casting technology.

B. During the Die casting process, the viscosity is reduced, and at relatively low pressures, it is more conducive to filling complex cavities with thick and thin walls.

C. The solidification shrinkage rate is relatively low. Since the semi-solid material dissolves only about 40% to 60%, bubble shrinkage can be avoided even in thick-walled parts.

The low filling speed can effectively protect the mold, and the tendency of mold adhesion changes greatly.

E. Semi-solid Die castings have good physical properties, good weldability, heat treatment and pressure.

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