Fine water cutting, New breakthrough in water cutting technology

Water Jet Sweden AB is one of the four global waterjet manufacturers, with innovation and the best combination of technologies as the core competitiveness. Waterjet has been a global leader in five-axis water cutting and ultra-high pressure water cutting that represent the cutting edge technology of water cutting. At present, Waterjet has expanded its water cutting applications to new market segments.

Fine water cutting is a new type of sand cutting head made by Watertech in Sweden.

Water cutting technology. It retains the advantages of traditional water-cutting technology, which can cut almost any workpiece from different materials, from heat-sensitive polymers, biomaterials, alloys to superhard engineering ceramics, laser cutting, wire EDM, Compared to etching, precision stamping, etc., cold water cutting does not generate heat and is more environmentally friendly.

On this basis, it greatly improves the accuracy of water cutting, with a minimum of 0.2 mm for slitting and a cutting accuracy of 0.01 mm.

With these two characteristics, fine water cutting opens up new areas of processing, especially for processing high value-added products. Applications that are currently known include: electronics (small components), medical and dental (micro components for implants or medical devices), biotechnology, fine machinery and mold manufacturing (machine parts, tooling, nested parts, etc.), machinery Innovative design of electronics, measurement, control and aerospace, jewellery and fashion crafts.

The NCM10 Micro's workbench frame is made of artificial granite material MINERAL CASTING BAERLIT, which is stable and sturdy, with high precision and good vibration absorption. Renishaw RESOLUTETM RELA high precision non-expanding steel grating ruler. The tray-type workbench facilitates the placement of different fixtures. The rubber-mounted stainless steel water tank minimizes the effects of vibration and thermal deformation on the machine. The discharge device includes a stainless steel cutting powder handling system to avoid clogging of the drain. Software-controlled fine sand feeder and sand storage sensor cup for the lowest amount of sand sensor monitoring. With the latest technology and technology, the Waterjet Mickey cutting head is the cutting head on the market that offers the most precise water jets. Pure water cutting heads can also be mounted on this machine.

Its standard product NCM10 Micro's CNC control system uses FaNUc 31i high-performance nano CNC control system; human-machine interface HMI is JWS-Panel One, 15.0" LCD, touch screen motion system; ball screw adopts Renishaw RESOLUTETMRELA; X/Y axis travel is 1010mm X 1010mm ; Z-axis stroke 100mm; maximum cutting speed 10000 mm/min; Z-axis maximum speed 5000 mm/min; machine frame for welding, gantry frame mechanism; machine positioning accuracy +0.01 mm/300 mm/(20%C ); repeat positioning accuracy soil 0.008 mm / (20% C)

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