Forging a wide range of forgings, forgings

Since the forging technology has technical advantages unmatched by other production methods, it compensates for the gaps left in the casting process and the like. The crystals in the metal become fine and compact, which makes the parts have a higher pressure fatigue working environment in use. Long service life. This also makes the use of forgings very extensive, and many aspects such as aircraft, automobiles, diesel engines, weapons, petrochemicals, mining and mining are applied to forgings. There are many applications for forgings in many precision mechanical parts. For example, the proportion of forgings used on airplanes is very high, and up to 85% of aircraft components are forged. Most of the major parts of the aircraft engine, the ribbed plates of the fuselage, the landing gear and other important parts are obtained after forging. There are also a lot of forging parts in the car, which have the common features of light weight, poor working conditions, complex shape and high safety requirements, such as connecting rods in the engine, crankshaft, and the front axle of the front axle and the axle of the rear axle. Wait for security critical parts for safe operation of the car.

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